It’s a big question. Should you wear your hair UP or DOWN for your wedding day? It seems like it wouldn’t be so difficult to decide, but something this simple has a big impact on your wedding day look, so it can be a tough decision. We’ve seen it all when it comes to hair styles I have narrowed down a few guidelines to help … so here it goes…

1/ Your hairstyle needs to last a long time at your wedding – at LEAST 6 or 8 hours – and it needs to be able to endure all kinds of conditions. Think humidity, sun, breeze, and hugs from many, many loved ones. The chances of your hair staying in beautiful shape when it’s down is much lower than when your hair is up. Now, I must say that this has a LOT to do with your particular hair. I’ve had many brides wear their hair down, and they’ve looked gorgeous until right up until the epic last song. But those certain brides have a certain type of hair that holds their shape really well. Emma-Jane and her team can advise at your Trial.

2/ The Dress has a huge influence – Think symmetry & Balance. If your wedding dress has an A-line or princess style skirt, then in my opinion you need BIG Hair. If you are wearing a sleek – no fuss fitted gown then I’m thinking editorial sexy hair. If you are a boho bride wearing a lace or floaty number I’d recommend half up half down or a real loose updo with pretty textured waves and braids.

3/ Use Extra hair to help. Don’t be put off or scared by using hair extentions. They help create volume for both Up and Down hair do’s. They also add great security if your natural hair doesn’t hold a curl too well. Emma-Jane and/or the team place them so well no-one would ever know – they look super natural – the hair used needs to be real hair.

4/ Looking for inspiration is helpful – Pinterest – Google – Magazines or my own Photobook (please see above) are great. Try to look at the entire image – The dress, The Background, The colours, The hair colour to help you visualise what your wedding will look like and how your Hair could look on your wedding day. Sometimes looking at the bigger picture helps – use your imagination and have Trust with us.

5/ Look after your Hair – don’t think I must grown my hair for the wedding. It is so much prettier to have healthier shorter hair than dry, split ends. Have regular Hair cuts and treatments. Think about when you need your hair colour booked in. Also Emma-Jane and the team much prefer Hair to be clean on the wedding morning – no heat application – rough dried or left to dry naturally is perfect.

6/ What suits you? Think how you wear you hair every day and how you feel most confident. If you wear your hair down most days but want an updo – think loose with pretty tendrils framing your face. If you wear your hair up (like me) do you suit High or Low? If you follow your jawline this often helps give the best flattering look.

7/ Finish with pretty flowers or some sparkle. I have a pretty selection at my studio to help.

If you need any advise please book in with EJW for a consultation or Trial at the studio.

Lots of Love
x EJW x

Amy at The Asylum Chapel


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